from babies to have given us the best years of our lives


We read an article years ago that research found children to have a better sense of confidence and self-worth when there were family photographs hanging in the home. Who doesn't want to help aid in their child's sense of self-worth??!

Don't wait to lose 2.7 lbs or for the PERFECT TIME...there will never be a perfect let that go and get IN FRONT of the camera with those you cherish!


Hello miracle mama. Let's capture you in all your radiant glory. No exaggeration on our end when we say, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...she's GORGOUS!"

Kids and Babies

You know how you laugh so hard that you end up with 3 chins and you initially cringe at your photo? Well...babies and kids can have as many double chins as we have criticisms and they don't care. They just LOVE seeing a picture of themselves, right? Reason #1million why we LOVE photographing children and their giant personalities. They give us their all by laughing at silliness or inquiring with wide eyes at who is staring back at them. It's some of our most purist work. Some of what we are known for. From photographing your baby sitting up for the first time, or kids running through a field without inhibitions, we are there for it all.


Fleeting, isn't it? Whether this season has been LONG awaited for, or this might be the baby of your family...the newborn stage is gone in a blink. Let's make sure when you remember it all, you have quality photographs to look back on. Nothing represents our newborn style more than the word: SIMPLE

Business Portraits & Branding

Branding photos have quickly become one of our favorite genres. We love working with professionals to provide updated headshots and we love taking it to the next level if you are in need of a more extensive photo experience.

High School Seniors

Keeping our sessions a true reflection of who you are. JEM keeps it simple and fuss-free. Our lighting style is one that compliments your face, and our posing is a mix of natural and EXTREME GLAM!'s natural.