Just under the surface of JEM are two girls that have known each other for ages.

At the young age of 22 they took a cross country trip Out West. A few hundred dollars, a camera and a roadmap. The most memorable journey documented with an old film camera. 'What if we could do this for a living? Taking pictures, I mean. Wouldn't that be a dream?

Here We Are. Today. Much has changed, but so much has really stayed the same.

Hi There!

I remind myself often how lucky I am. How my life is a reflection of what is truly dear to me. Seasons speak to me and I consider myself a deep empath which is either a blessing or a loss of sleep! My days are spent doing what I love, whether that is playing tea party with my daughter, hanging out around a campfire with friends and family or being behind the camera.

An instant zing of dopamine runs through me when I am taking photographs. Other dopamine releases include resale shopping, as in 'the treasure hunt is on/game on.' Though moments to myself are few and far between these days, I enjoy my morning coffee, a good book on tape and I have a secret love addiction to all things decor related. Anybody love Schoolhouse like I do??

I'm always amazed at the moms out there who do it all. You inspire me!

To boil it all down, quality will always win over quantity. My heart is FULL.


Happy You are Here

Like...really happy. Sometimes I get so happy when photographing weddings that I do a leg kick. Maybe you've picked up on the energy and did a kick-back? It's fun. This dream of a career started years ago while in my early 20's and I still pinch myself that this is my life's craft. A few things about me? The biggest part of who I am comes from the love and loss of my first husband. He is my motivation for living large and simply all at once. I still can't smell a lilac to this day without tears swelling up and memories flooding my soul. I can honor the life he led by being flawlessly, and fully myself. Life boils all down to grace. Thank God.

I have a blended family with 3 darling girls and I have one amazing, solid, rock of a man. I love you Tommy! Our favorite place to go is anywhere in Michigan and last year we bought a 1973 VW camper bus. It's the best purchase ever made. It takes a fast life and slows it right down. Go slow yo.

I can swing low and high, as in I love both the Goodwill and Anthropologie equally. I can go days without makeup and then spurts where I am obsessed with every color of lipstick under the sun. Tent camping is my preferred way to travel but never will I say never to a curated airBnB. I love clean palettes, the kind you only find in fancy hotel rooms, but my heart skips a beat when colors merge and dance together. I am a grandma-soul of a girl, as in exact change to lighten my wallet, knitted shawls, and black coffee after a meal. My most current obsession is cut-flowers. I'm OBSESSED with growing flowers in a small plot of land, aka our side yard. ha!

I consider you a gift to me as well. If we met once, twice or a million times. A quote from one of my favorite novels, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, '' To see each things as either your first or last, thus all your days will be filled with glory'' I am here for it all my dear. I am here for the ride!

Let's be friends.




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